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Alan Duffus Motorcycles - Local Info

Alan Duffus Motorcycles is situated five minutes drive from Kirkcaldy Esplanade.
Mercat Centre Kirkcaldy is known as the 'lang toun' due to the way it stretches along the coast, and travelling along the esplanade with its views across the Firth of Forth is a great way to experience the length of the town.

With the Links Market - Europe's longest street fair - held every April along Kirkcaldy's stunning esplanade, Farmers Markets on the last Saturday of every month in the Town square and the Fife Food Fest annual summer festival, Kirkcaldy has more than its share of traditional markets.

Add in the Langtoun Pageant, a weeklong extravaganza held throughout Kirkcaldy in August, culminating with an all day party in the Beveridge Park and the crowning of the Langtoun Lad & Lass, and then the famous Reindeer Parade at Christmas, and you will see there is always a lot going on in Kirkcaldy.
If you happen to be in town on one of the occasions when nothing 'special' is happening, the Mercat Shopping Centre is always good for a bit of retail therapy.