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Alan Duffus recommends Kingdom Motorcycle Training .
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Compulsory Basic Training is the first step to motor cycling and must be completed by all learners before riding on the road. It ensures that a basic standard of competence is achieved through theory, off-road exercises (including machine control and balance skills) and on-road training. CBT is normally completed in one day but you can return for further training, at no extra cost, if you do not reach the required standard in that time.
A CBT certificate validates your licence and runs for 2 years. The holder can ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc with normal learner restrictions applying.
Part II - Standard Course
After passing the CBT, further training is required to prepare you for the part II test. If you are aged 17 or over the tuition and test will be carried out on a 125cc motorcycle. Successful completion allows you to ride motorcycles with up to 33bhp for 2 years, after which you are entitled to ride any size of motorcycle without taking another test.
Direct Access (DAS)
Direct Access is open to learners aged 21 or over and gives the successful candidate immediate access to any size of motorcycle. The test is taken on a motorcycle of at least 46.6 bhp.
The course includes tuition in defensive riding techniques, planning and anticipation skills, motorcycle control and town and country roadcraft.

For more information view the Kingdom Motorcycle Training web site here or tel. 01592 621095 or email